Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 Year Old Adam Bender - “Let us play!”

My name is Bernabe Duran, moderator of this blog and I came across Adam Bender in the news and felt that it is important that people know of his vision and purpose in life. Through my personal experience these last 6 years actively participating as a Life Coach and personal effectiveness/leadership mentor, I find that people generally lack a vision/purpose for thier life, especially when it comes to disabilities. Here is a kid, 8 years old who instintively knows his purpose in life. My question and challenge to all of you is "What can you do to push through your own personal challenges to make a difference with someone you may not know? What will be the legacy you leave behind?" I truly hope you enjoy this video of inspiration and take action to be in service to help others who may be down on themselves looking for an angel like yourselves.

Here is a quote from Adam Bender himself!

"I hope that when others see me play, they will be aware that a physical challenge can be overcome when you have the desire and you believe in yourself. My wish is that all children, no matter what their ability, who want to play sports be given the chance. With the help of my family, I want to start an organization that will help kids with physical challenges be able to participate in sports. In my own words “Let us play!”"

Adam Bender

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