Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pair primed for action

IAN BUTTERWORTH | April 13th, 2011

TWO disabled Territory athletes will make history when they compete in a range of field events at the Arafura Games in Darwin next month.

Katherine resident Curtis Devereux, 16, and Liam Hunter, 23, from Darwin are both leg amputees and are set to become the first Territory athletes with disabilities to compete in field events at the Arafura Games.

Devereux will compete in javelin and shot-put while Hunter will go one better, and has settled on javelin, shot-put and discus.

Both are eager to indulge in their new activity and are working hard to gain throwing skills necessary to participate at the Games.

Hunter, who lost his left leg above the knee in a motorcycle accident four years ago, likes to spend his spare time fishing and hunting and keeps active playing wheelchair basketball, but is enthusiastic about the change of sporting direction.

"I've been playing wheelchair basketball for about four years and have been to the Sports Institute in Canberra a few times. I still love the game, but an opportunity arose to do something different and I jumped at it.

"I had a new prosthetic fitted last week and hopefully the mechanics will make movement smoother and allow for more flexibility.

"I'm going into athletics with an open mind and if I make finals, or win a medal, so much the better. As a disabled person I reckon you should try as many different activities as possible.

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