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VIDEO REPORT: Party with a Purpose

Saturday, Feb 09, 2008 - 07:33 PM
BY Nicki Mayo TriCities.com

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A Bristol, Tennessee girl celebrates her tenth birthday by donating money to charity. Tricities.com’s Nicki Mayo reports on the party with a purpose.
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“Most kids they like to get presents and they like to keep them,” said Alfred Cole. “It really makes me proud to know that she wants to do this for someone else,” adds the proud grandfather.

Kingsport Jericho Shriner, Alfred Cole is glowing over his granddaughter’s decision to donate money to the Jericho Shrine Orthopedic Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Last year I gave my toys away and this year I’m giving money away to Shriners Orthopedic,” said Ariana Hill.

The Avoca Elementary school student celebrated her birthday with a party with a purpose at the Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department Saturday afternoon. Ariana says she doesn’t want to waste her birthday wishes on toy’s she’ll never play use.

“I get toy’s I never play with them. Just when I first get them I do. Then I forget about them,” said Hill.

Her friends had a ball playing with the fire engines and equipment. The party gave the children a chance to have fun and help fellow children in need.

“It felt really good because whenever you think that you’re helping somebody you’re giving it to one person, just think that you’re giving it to millions of people,” said partygoer Jessica Green.

Ariana hopes the money will go to help buy toys and clothes for the children at Shriners Hospital.

To Donate to Ariana’s Fund
-Make a check out to Jericho Shrine
- Write “Ariana” in the memo line.
-Mail or drop it off to/at:
Kingsport Jericho Shrine
1100 Sam Walton Drive
P.O. Box 5548
Kingsport, Tennessee
Zip Code 37663

Click link to see the Jericho Shrine Orthopedic Hospital page: http://www.shrinershq.org/Hospitals/Greenville/

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