Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp For Amputees Provides Fun

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(NEWS CENTER) -- Camp No Limits teaches amputees that they can still do the same things everyone else can.

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Volunteer Chad Thompson said as campers make new friends and see what other kids can do, they learn to set goals and do activities they never thought they could.

The volunteers teach the campers how to do their daily living activities, either with or without a prothesis.

"I'm here to bond with them, and I'm here to show them all my different types of prothesises and just let them know that there's nothing they can't do," said Carrie Davis. "My motto is, if you don't have an arm, you don't have an excuse, because there is something that is going to help you achieve any goal that you have."

Camp No Limits is a place where kids with amputations can come, and be aware that they're not the only kids out there, said Cameron Clapp. "And also, it's a place where they can build confidence, that they can do anything they want," he said.

Camp no limits has grown from only 3 campers a few years ago, to nearly 40 this year in Maine. Other Camp No Limits are run in California, Idaho, and Florida.


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