Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Physical therapy can heal your aches and pains

by Natalie Rivers
Posted on February 28, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Updated yesterday at 12:34 PM

PHOENIX - Chronic aches and pains can lead to further complications if not treated early. We all get very busy ignoring those little aches and pains.

360 Physical Therapy and Aquatic Centers encourages people to listen to the shoulder pain that might be waking you up at night.

Without early intervention it is only going to get worse.

Most often people don't seek a physical therapist right after a back injury, but seeing someone right after could be a way to prevent further pain.

Putting off seeking care could lead to more damage that could lead to a tear which would need surgery.

Physical therapy is covered by most insurance plans. You can see a physical therapist for less than a personal trainer at a gym.

360 Physical Therapy has a therapist-only philosophy, meaning one therapist is going to be with you throughout your treatment period.

The first step in getting treatment is calling and asking about the process, who you are going to be with and for how long. As a patient you don't want to be handed off to technicians who might not understand your pain needs.

They have seven locations throughout the Phoenix-metro, with 33 therapists to treat patients.

360 Physical Therapy believes you get more out of your time and your money from start to finish, by seeing one physical therapist each time you have an appointment.

The therapist gets to know you and understand your pain, which could help you get better faster.

At 360 Physical Therapy water therapy is one type of exercise they employ. There are different types of exercises used to heal the pain problem and be appropriate for the age of a patient.

The first step in seeking therapy is to make an appointment. The first meeting is 75 minutes. Some insurances require a doctor's order, but 360 Physical Therapy can help you with all of that.

Don't put it off any more, e-mail askapt@360ptaz.com to inquire about treatment.

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